Pendeba Ecotourism English Training Program Launched in QNNP

On December 16, the QNNP Pendeba Society launched its Ecotourism English Training Program for local villagers in the QNNP. The opening ceremony for this three-month intensive English training program was attended by Mr. Tsering Zhandui, Deputy Governor of Tingri County, Mr. Gama, Director of Tingri County Tourism Bureau, Mr. Badun, Director of Tingri County Labor Bureau.

Mr. Tsering Norbu, the executive director of the Pendeba Society hosted the opening session and introduced the program to both government officials and the 28 participants, among whom 14 were from remote Qudang Village in southern Tingri County, where houses the world famous Gama Valley. Mr. Tsering first on behalf of the Pendeba Society expressed his gratitude to the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives for their generous support to make this program happen. He also briefly introduced the purpose of this program. The program aims to enhance local villagers


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